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About Us

Denise Loga

Denise is a sustainability expert, entrepreneur and mentor with a focus on "Future Food" as well as co-founder of three companies. She inspires for changes in perspective and makes individuals, companies and organisation future - fit.

As a strategy consultant and project manager, she previously worked for the UN, IIED and WWF in the areas of climate policy and economic development. She holds a Bachelor's degree in "International Business / East Asian Management" and a Master's degree in "Development Management" from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Her personal motivation as host of the Inspiration Journeys:

"Before we can change the world we have to change ourselves first. For more than 10 years I have been dealing with the topics of sustainable food, climate protection and alternative business approaches. During this time I have encountered too much unused potential - both on a human and on an organisational level. My motivation is to support people with effective tools how they can master their challenges and unfold their hidden potentials to further develop personally and professionally.

I come from the future, I am a plant-powered enthusiast, travel fan and nature lover. I love to interact with inspiring people and discover all the new things that make the world a better place. I am full of positive energy, climb a mountain every week and dance and sing as often as I can“.


Steffen Bahnsen

Steffen advises corporations and medium-sized businesses in the areas of innovation, communication, strategy development and agile work processes. He has been coaching Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam for many years and develops diverse training formats there. He guides managers to design their change processes and offers them unconventional ways of dealing with complexity.

He is particularly interested in advising non-governmental organisations dedicated to nature and marine conservation. His purpose is to put an end to the flood of plastics and to make food production holistically healthy.

Steffen has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation for many years. In doing so he deals with emotions as a fundamental factor for health. While he opens new doors in high spheres, he always comes back to the ground.

His personal motivation as host of the Inspiration Journeys:

"I believe that all people can rise above themselves and master the most difficult tasks. If you focus all your senses on a challenge, you can move mountains. What I contribute to this are techniques that strengthen the willpower and release energy".


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