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FAQ Online Coaching

What are our nine most important Future Skills?
Resilience, focus, mindfulness, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, empathy, curiosity, creativity and self-care.

Why these nine Future Skills?
Of course there are more than these nine Future Skills. We see resilience, focus, mindfulness, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, empathy, curiosity, creativity and self-care as the basis for all the others. We are convinced that the first thing we have to do is developing a strong foundation within ourselves. For example, mindfulness or self-care is the basis for curiosity or entrepreneurial spirit. So it goes from the inside out in the personal development process. Soon, our offer will also include a master class in which we focus on additional skills like negotiation, compassion or financial growth.

What is the difference between the nine different 7-DAY-CHALLENGES?
Each 7-DAY-CHALLENGE refers exclusively to one specific Future Skill, e.g. "7 Days Focus" and deals exclusively with sharpening your ability to think and act in a more focused way. Each 7-DAY-CHALLENGE costs 49,- EUR. You can book your challenge at any time and start immediately just by yourself. Every day for 7 days you receive valuable, scientifically supported inputs and a daily task to accomplish. The daily videos do not last longer than 7 min. In addition, we hold regular reflection sessions to give you the unique opportunity to share your topic-specific insights and to exchange ideas with us and the other participants.

What is the difference between the 7 DAYS CHALLENGES and the WEBINAR PERSONAL GROWTH?
The WEBINAR PERSONAL GROWTH takes place twice a month on selected dates and costs 129,- EUR. We deeply work on one specific Future Skill per month. The special thing about this is that you bring a challenge of your own to the webinar and you are able to immediately work on it. The webinar is ideal for you if you prefer a live format with interaction. It lasts 5 hours (2 x 2 hours including breaks). It gives you the opportunity to choose only those Future Skills that you personally would like to grow in. It also gives you a lot of room for interaction with all other participants who have similar challenges as you do and we are personally available as coaches all the time as well!

Can I participate even if I am not on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn?
Yes of course! Our online coaching sessions do not run on social media platforms, but on a DSGVO compliant platform with a personal log-in for you. Via social media channels we mainly clarify the questions or receive feedback from the participants. But you can simply send us an email if you have questions or feedback for us.

Do I have to sit continuously at my computer for five hours for the WEBINAR PERSONAL GROWTH?
Our webinar is designed for 2 intensive sessions of 2 hours each. With breaks in between we come to a total duration of 5 hours. Throughout the entire webinar you will receive input, do creative writing exercises and participate in online group work. During the breaks you can stretch, dance around the apartment or cook something nice for yourself. In fact, we generally recommend that you change your posture more often and don't stay in one position for too long while looking at the screen.

I have a weak internet connection, can I participate in the WEBINAR at all?
That depends on a try! Maybe you have a co-working space near you or a friendly neighbour who shares his WLAN password with you.

I would like to book several products, i.e. one webinar, two challenges and a personal coaching. Do I get a discount then?
You will be informed about the discounts available for follow-up purchases once you buy the first product.

I am a pupil, low-income earner, student or pensioner: Do I get a discount?
Of course you get one! Upon presentation of an appropriate certificate by email, you will receive a 20% discount on all our offers.

Can I book an individual coaching with Denise or Steffen in addition to the courses?
Yes, you are welcome to do so! Send us an inquiry via e-mail or via our contact form. Please state your request and which of us you would like to do the coaching with - then you can start right away!

Can I submit suggestions and questions for the Inspiration Journeys Podcast?
Oh yes, absolutely! Feel free to send us an email to: mail@inspiration-journeys.com.


If you have any questions about our coaching courses, write us an e-mail: mail@inspiration-journeys.com or use our contact form.

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